She Was Home Alone With Her Newborn When She Was Stabbed To Death 40 Years Ago And Now The Reward In Her Case Is Being Doubled In Hopes Of Catching Her Killer

“In the months before and after Douglas’ death, there were other unsolved home invasions in the area, in which women who were home alone were attacked with a knife,” the Texas Department Of Public Safety explained.

“It’s believed these crimes were committed by a young, slender white male. It remains unclear if Douglas’ death is linked to those other crimes.”

A few days ago, the Texas Department Of Public Safety announced that they are upping the reward in Karen’s cold case in the hopes of catching her killer and bringing Karen the justice she so deserves after a painful four decades for her family.

The reward in Karen’s case was previously set at $3,000 for any information leading to the arrest of her killer, which is the standard reward that the Texas Rangers issue in a given case.

Currently, the reward in Karen’s case has doubled and is now $6,000, but there is a catch to when a tipster can collect the money.

“The Texas Crime Stoppers reward is increased up to $6,000 for the featured case in hopes that the higher reward money will generate additional tips,” the Texas Department Of Public Safety revealed.

“The higher reward amount will only be paid if the tip is submitted before the next case is featured.”

If you have any information related to Karen’s case, you can submit a tip to Crime Stoppers at 1.800.252.TIPS (8477).

Texas Department Of Public Safety; pictured above is a flyer for Karen’s case

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