She Wore Colored Contacts For Halloween And They Nearly Left Her Blind: Now She’s Making Sure Other People Don’t Put Their Eyes At Risk Like This

Seattle, Washington. Jo Oakland is a licensed esthetician living in Seattle, and this year, she had an amazing costume for Halloween.

Colored contacts especially marketed for Halloween were part of Jo’s costume.

She picked ones from the company Dolls Kill, and they were blackout-style contacts, which made her eyes look completely black.

Jo had no idea that the finishing touch to her costume would cause her so much pain and harm, yet it did just that.

“So I ordered blackout contacts from Dolls Kill,” Jo explained in a video she shared on Instagram in which she wore an eyepatch across her left eye.

“And when I took them out on Saturday, it removed the outermost layer of the epithelial part of my eye.”

Basically, Jo went to take the contacts out of her eyes, and when she did so, it completely ripped off that outer layer of tissue that lays across your cornea. That tissue is meant to protect your cornea from bacteria, and anything foreign.

Instagram; pictured above is Jo in her video explaining what happened to her eyes after she removed the Halloween contacts she was wearing as part of her costume

Jo rushed to the local emergency room, and she almost lost her eyesight from wearing these Halloween contacts that many people don’t think twice about using.

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