She’s Really Upset About The Ring Her Fiancé Proposed To Her With So She Asked Him To Return It For Something She Wants

A 27-year-old woman just got engaged to her fiancé, who is two years older than her. She and her fiancé have dated for approximately 3 years before he popped the question to her.

Leading up to his proposal, they discussed getting married, and she did send some photos of the ring she really wanted to her fiancé.

She thinks her fingers are somewhat chunky, so she really wanted a bigger diamond so it wouldn’t seem lost.

Knowing a diamond the size she liked would be insanely expensive, she found some moissanite rings she loved.

She did let her fiancé know that she was very happy with moissanite and that her ring did not need to be a diamond at all.

She also told her fiancé that she wanted a larger stone, and she wanted a very specific ring style.

“So skip to the engagement day, it was overall really beautiful & I obviously said yes,” she explained.

“When he went to put the ring on, the ring itself was too small…it fit but it made my finger look like the Michelin man & it was the complete opposite of everything I showed him.”

For example, she’s a fan of minimalist style bands, and her engagement ring’s band appears vintage and the center diamond is tiny.

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