This College Student Died After Suffering From Injuries He Got While Involved In An Underground Frat Fight Club

Las Vegas, Nevada. The Sahara Event Center is located at 800 E. Karen in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it’s also home to boxing matches the Kappa Sigma Fraternity puts on.

The thing is, the latest match the fraternity held on November 19th at the Sahara Event Center happened to have no medical professionals or referees.

A 20-year-old college student named Nathan Valencia was involved in the match that took place a few days ago on the 19th, and after suffering serious injuries from the fight, he died.

According to Nathan’s friend Joe Castro, who spoke to KLAS 8 News Now, the fatal fight that Nathan fought in was part of an “underground fight club.”

Joe went on to say that Nathan had no experience boxing whatsoever, but he wanted to be involved in order to represent his fraternity.

“I saw no medical, no doctors, nothing,” Joe explained about what he witnessed during that fight night.

Joe then saw Nathan hit the floor, and as soon as that happened, nobody rushed to his aid at all.

Instagram; pictured above is Nathan with his girlfriend, Lacey

Instead, some kind of fight broke out between other people that were there, and not a single person stopped to help Nathan.

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