This Man Proposed To His Girlfriend With A Ring Pop And We’re Swooning At His Viral TikTok Video Documenting How He Did It

In a now-viral Tik Tok posted last week, 21-year-old Daimon Lee created every 2000s girl’s dream; he proposed to his girlfriend with a ring pop.

However, this sweet moment had more leading up to it than a trip to the store. Daimon prepared a plastic purple diamond and ring with a secret compartment, where he was able to nestle the real diamond engagement ring.

The couple had always joked about proposing with ring pops. So attempting to make their running gag come true, Daimon gathered ring pop candy wrappers and began experimenting.

But the plastic case kept ripping the wrappers, so it took concentration to get it just right.

Then, Daimon took his girlfriend to the drive-in movie theater where they had their first date and prepared to pop the question.

“It’s not the fanciest place to propose but I thought it was a good place since this is where it all started,” he shared in the video captions.

TikTok; pictured above is a screenshot of Daimon’s sweet handiwork 

“I had a cute little speech about how much she means to me.” Though the audio is replaced with music here, Daimon revealed that he even started tearing up before the big reveal.

But things didn’t unfold smoothly from the get-go. At first, Daimon’s girlfriend thought it was just a candy ring pop: a cute gesture, but nothing more. She slid it onto her finger and told him, “I love it.”

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