When She Was 18, She Slept With Her Married Substitute Teacher: Although It’s Been Years Since Then Her Loved Ones Just Found Out And They’re Disgusted

A 25-year-old woman was just 18-years-old and a college freshman when she met a 44-year-old man who happened to be her substitute teacher.

She flirted back and forth with him for several months, which ended with her sleeping with him. At that time, she was fully aware that her substitute teacher was married, because he was wearing a wedding ring.

Not long after that first physical encounter, she full-blown fell in love with him. She thought he was perfect, and looking back on it now, the fact that he was the only person she had ever slept with makes her feel like that just made her worship him more.

The second time she slept with him was in his vacation home he shared with his wife, and there were tons of photos of his wife and children throughout that home.

“But by then I was so in love that I believed all the lies he told me (he usually used to tell me they were about to get divorced) and I thought we had a future together, I thought he loved me,” she explained.

“But he didn’t divorce her, he lied and told me hundreds of times that he wanted to stay with his ex-wife because their kids were really young. That after a while we could be together, so I waited.”

She stuck around, waiting, for three entire years. Then, his wife’s mom accidentally walked in on them, and word spread throughout his family about his infidelity, but everyone kept it quiet.

Nobody mentioned it outside of the family.

“…I used to be his student and they didn’t want to ruin his reputation because that would hurt the kids,” she said.

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