This 20-Year-Old Disappeared While At A Truck Stop In Georgia Last Year: Where Is Keeslyn Roberts?

Resaca, Georgia. Resaca is a tiny town in Georgia towards the northern part of the state. It’s best known for its civil war history; it’s where the Battle of Resaca was fought, and it’s also the final resting place for more than 450 confederate soldiers.

Less than 1,00 people call Resaca home, and it’s quite a rural area. It’s also where The Flying J Travel Center sits on 288 Resaca Beach Boulevard.

On January 18th of 2020, a 20-year-old young woman named Keeslyn Roberts was last spotted at the Flying J, which is a popular stop for truckers and those driving through the area.

She was seen running out of the Flying J, but nobody has any idea where she went after that.

Her car was later found parked at the Flying J’s parking lot, and all of her personal things were found inside, including her purse.

Her dad Eric Roberts is offering a $3,000 reward in hopes of finding her, and he also has created a GoFundMe page to raise money in an effort to increase that reward.

“My daughter got mixed up with the wrong crowd, and got on drugs, no excuses, and was currently on probation when she went missing,” Eric explained on the GoFundMe page.

Facebook; pictured above is Keeslyn

“She did not show up for her probation meeting and a warrant was issued for her arrest. I  truly believe some of the people she was acquainted with know where she is at but they’re not talking.”

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