This Pregnant Teen Mom And Her 1-Year-Old Daughter Vanished In 1998 And 23 Years Later The Mystery Of Their Disappearance Has Been Solved

Russellville, Arkansas. It was September 11th, 1998, and 19-year-old Samantha Jean Hopper was planning on attending a concert in Little Rock later that evening along with a friend of hers.

Samantha went to work that day, came home, and then spoke to her mom. Samantha shared her plans with her mom, saying that she would be taking her 22-month-old little girl Courtney Holt to her dad’s house before continuing along to the concert.

Samantha would be staying over after the concert, then coming back the following day.

Unfortunately, Samantha never dropped Courtney off with her dad, and she never made it to Little Rock for the concert.

Facebook; pictured above is Samantha with Courtney

“She went missing before she was supposed to leave town,” Samantha’s surviving daughter Dezarae mentioned on a Facebook page created to help find her mom Samantha and sister Courtney.

“She was supposed to drop my sister off with her father, but he was having dinner with his wife for their anniversary. They made arrangements for her to bring my sister back in an hour and she never brought my sister back.”

Samantha was 8 months pregnant with her third child when she was last spotted driving her 1989 blue-colored Ford Tempo on that day in September.

Then she vanished, along with Courtney, leaving her family to wonder for more than 2 decades about what happened to her and her daughter.

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