This Young Woman And Her Boyfriend Lost All But One Of Their Cows In A Barn Fire: Her Cousin Is Raising Money To Help Them Rebuild Their Herd When Their Hearts Are In It

Vernon, Vermont. Lexi and her boyfriend Corey live on a farm in Vernon, Vermont, and together they had a herd of dairy cows that Lexi actively showed.

Unfortunately, there was a fire in the cow barn that happened before the sun rose on November 15th, which seems to have been caused by the older electrical wiring in the barn.

Sadly, the young couple lost every single one of their beloved cows, except for one.

“Many of you know Lexi, a 2020 graduate of UMASS Animal Science from Mass 4H, and the dairy show ring,” Lexi’s cousin Chelsea Smith wrote on a GoFundMe for her and Corey.

“Yesterday, Lexi lost all but one of her show cows. Indiana was due to calf in just a few short weeks, her second daughter Illusion as well as the very special Betty White.”

“These animals were not just farm animals to Lexi and Corey but their life’s work, beloved and more like their children.”

“Lexi’s love for these animals, her dedication, and her hard work is known to everyone who meets her.”

“The magnitude of this unbearable loss just can not be put into words. Please join us in rallying around Lexi and Corey in this time of need.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Lexi with one of her cows

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