This Young Woman Went Viral After Opening Up About What Her Life Is Like With A Stutter

Georgia also answers a lot of frequently asked questions about her stutter on TikTok.

One person recently asked her why she goes through the process of ordering at a drive-thru window when she can just order things online for pickup at most places.

“Stammering is very complex but one of the biggest things that comes with having a stammer is the urge to avoid speaking situations,” Georgia said in a video answering that particular question.

“So the urge to avoid going through the drive-thru, the urge to avoid speaking on the phone, avoid speaking to family and friends.”

“But what that does when you are constantly avoiding situations, you’re not being your true, authentic self, and it builds up such a world of isolation.”

You can follow Georgia on Instagram here, and you can follow her on TikTok here.


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