28 Years Ago She Disappeared And Then Her Van Was Found Covered In Her Blood

The evening after Kathryn was last spotted at the gas station, her van was located at a restaurant on West Point Boulevard.

It was 5:45 that night when her van was found, and the strange thing is that the restaurant where her van was found was not open at that point in time because it was being redone.

Kathryn’s blood was found all over the inside of her company van, and there was mud across the exterior of her van.

Police also recovered an enormous amount of Kathryn’s blood at her storage unit where she kept the pantyhose from her company, leading them to believe something terrible had to have happened to her.

Another key detail that led authorities to believe someone did something awful to Kathryn is the fact that the door to her storage unit was found to be open, so it seemed that Kathryn was snuck up on while putting pantyhose into her van.

The Salina Police Department does suspect that Kathryn was murdered, but she has never been found and it’s now been 28 years since she disappeared without a trace.

At the time of her disappearance, Kathryn weighed 120 pounds and stood at 5’4″. She had brown eyes and brown hair and wore glasses.

If you have any idea what happened to Kathryn, the Salina Police Department is asking that you call them at 785.826.7210.

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