A Baby Stopped Breathing In The Middle Of The Airport And This Hero TSA Officer Jumped Into Action To Save The Baby’s Life

Newark, New Jersey. Cecilia Morales works as a Transportation Security Administration officer in New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport.

One day recently while Officer Morales was at work in the airport, she overheard people yelling about something.

“A young mother picked up her two-month-old son from his car carrier seat to carry him through the security checkpoint at a Newark Liberty International Airport, but when the mom lifted him up, she saw that the boy wasn’t breathing,” the Transportation Security Administration said in a press release.

“She immediately sought help from her co-travelers and shouted for help when she realized her attempts at rousing her son were unsuccessful.”

Officer Morales has a background in emergency medicine, and she has worked as an EMT for the past decade in various parts of New Jersey.

Recognizing that the situation was dire, Officer Morales jumped into action and rushed over to the mom and her baby, noting that her experience in emergency situations simply took over.

Officer Morales had to leap over one of the conveyor belts at the checkpoint in order to reach the mom and baby in time, and she grabbed the baby to do an infant Heimlich maneuver on the little guy.

“She held the infant carefully to keep his airway open. Then she placed him face down on her arm and patted him on the back,”  the Transportation Security Administration continued in their press release.

TSA; pictured above is Officer Cecilia Morales

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