He Accused His Wife Of Ruining Christmas Fun For Their Kids And He’s Telling The Internet She’s Acting Like He’s The One Who Ruined Everything

A man is married to his wife, and together they have twin 5-year-old sons; Nick and Kai. Ever since Nick and Kai were little, they loved decorating for Christmas and getting into the holiday spirit.

Earlier this year, the whole family moved into a house that’s bigger than the one they used to live in, so Nick and Kai were thrilled to have much more room for Christmas decorations.

“The last couple of days haven’t been so great,” he admitted. “Last year my wife wanted all of us to do decorations exactly how she wants it and the boys mostly listened, well about as much as any 4-year-old would.”

“On multiple occasions, my wife has gotten frustrated with them because “they’re not decorating right” and they want to do things how they want.”

“Such as how to make their own gingerbread houses or what way they want to decorate their rooms. My wife doesn’t like how they want to set out their ornaments or stockings.”

He has pulled his wife aside and spoken to her multiple times about how their sons are only 5, and it’s ok for them to have fun even if their decorating skills aren’t perfect.

“She always gets mad because that’s not how it’s supposed to be done,” he continued.

“Me personally I don’t see how it’s a big deal that a child wants to put a cut out of a snowman they drew on paper up on the tree as an ornament.”

One of the twins had created this little paper snowman specifically because they thought it would be great on the Christmas tree.

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