Her Boyfriend Eats All Her Snacks So She Bought A Lockable Box To Put Them In And She’s Asking The Internet If That Was Petty

A woman currently lives with her boyfriend, and he always gets off work before she does, so he’s the first one to get home every evening.

When she comes home she makes dinner for both of them, and in the meantime, her boyfriend eats a lot of snacks until she gets back.

“…This wouldn’t be an issue if he ate his own snacks or didn’t eat all of mine, but often when I come home I find all my snacks that I love are finished and I don’t buy many of them either,” she explained.

She tried to kindly request that he not eat all the snacks and leave at least a few for her, but he got upset and they began arguing.

In the end, her boyfriend said to her that he would eat whatever he liked and she couldn’t stop him from doing that.

“Finally annoyed by this I bought a small lockable box and put it in the fridge it is now where I store my snacks to ensure I can at least get some of them,” she said.

Her boyfriend was mad when he found the locked box in the fridge. She again made it clear to her boyfriend that she had no problem sharing her snacks with him, but it wasn’t right that he wouldn’t leave some for her to enjoy too.

She’s left wondering if it was petty of her to have to lock up her snacks, and her boyfriend is refusing to talk to her about this issue.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

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