Her Boyfriend Is Dumping Her Because She Wore A Dress To Her Company Holiday Party

A 31-year-old woman has been dating her 35-year-old boyfriend for 4 years, but he’s about to be her ex because he’s dumping her for a pretty absurd reason.

She started out by explaining that her boyfriend is very shy and not outgoing at all. He has told her in the past that he has zero interest in going with her to any events her company throws, and she’s completely fine with that.

Anyway, she recently attended her company holiday party this weekend, and even though she knew her boyfriend would not want to go with her, she did fill him in on when it was going to happen.

Obviously, she ended up going alone because her boyfriend didn’t want to go to the holiday party too.

Her company asked everyone to dress in cocktail attire for the holiday party, and so she decided to wear a dress to comply with that.

Her boyfriend dropped her off at the party so she could have some drinks without having to worry about getting home safely.

Her boyfriend was then supposed to pick her up from the party too, and it accidentally continued past the time she told him to get her.

She also was busy lending a hand at the holiday party and did not have her phone on her, so her boyfriend waited around for a whole hour without hearing from her.

When she did get in touch with him to ask that he get her at 11 instead of 10 that night, he did come to get her, however, the ride home was very uncomfortable.

Victoria Chudinova –

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