Her Boyfriend Still Hasn’t Proposed To Her And All Her Friends Are Getting Married So She’s Starting To Have Engagement Envy

A 23-year-old woman has been dating her 31-year-old boyfriend for a little under 3 years now.

One year ago, picked up her life to move to a different state along with her boyfriend, and before she made the move she was under the impression that her boyfriend would not wait very long to propose to her.

“We previously agreed it was fair for me to want to be engaged before making this move,” she explained.

“I’ve felt ready for this commitment for a little over a year now but my boyfriend doesn’t feel the same.”

“I feel really rejected by him because I have uprooted my life for a big move for his career. Honestly, there was no benefit for me besides continuing the relationship and my bf’s happiness with the career.”

She has been able to make some new friends in her new state, but moving was exceptionally difficult for her and it took her some time to feel at home.

What’s making this even worse for her is that one of her closest friends was in basically the same situation, but her friend’s boyfriend proposed to her before their move.

On top of that, many of her friends are engaged or getting married, and she is starting to have engagement envy.

She did bring up getting engaged again to her boyfriend, and he shockingly said to her that he’s “not ready for this kind of commitment and wants to do it on his own terms.”

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