Her Boyfriend Uninvited Her To A Christmas Eve Party After He Found Out His Ex-Girlfriends Were Going To Be There

A 24-year-old woman is in a relationship with her 25-year-old boyfriend, and they have been together for almost a year now.

Her boyfriend recently filled her in that he and his friends were having a Christmas Eve party.

Earlier today, her boyfriend confided in her that the original plans that he had changed slightly since his friends had invited another group of people that he doesn’t really enjoy being around.

She reassured her boyfriend that she was happy to go to the party so that he would have someone there that he really got along with and she was looking forward to a social holiday event regardless.

Her boyfriend was a bit apprehensive, but she insisted that she would like to go, especially since it meant they would be able to spend time together.

“He agreed, and this evening he watched me as I planned my outfit and discussed my plans for the morning to go to town to get my nails done and find the rest of my outfit, I was clearly looking forward to the occasion,” she explained.

“Just now, in short, he said that he does not want me to go as he feels “awkward” about his exes being there (exes from when he was 14-16, he is now 25) bearing in mind he has spent time with this sub-group of friends a fair few times so he is familiar with them, and obviously gets on with them more than he lets on.”

She couldn’t understand where he was coming from, and she doesn’t think it matters at all that his ex-girlfriends are going to be at the party.

She doesn’t feel weird about it at all, so she doesn’t get why her boyfriend does. Regardless, her boyfriend isn’t ok with it, which is why he uninvited her.

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