Her Boyfriend Wants To Meet Up With His Ex One Last Time For Closure And They’re Planning On Going To A Cabin In The Woods With Some Friends To Do This But She’s Not Invited

A 32-year-old woman is in a relationship with a man the same age as her, and they’ve been dating for about a year.

“When I met him he was very clear that his last relationship has been very hard but they are still in touch,” she explained. “They almost got married but broke it off owing to some family drama.”

As for where she was in her life when they first met each other, she was in the process of moving on from an abusive relationship she had.

Her now-boyfriend at first became a very good friend to her and things evolved from there. When things did become official for them, she was well aware that he was having some feelings for his ex still.

Regardless, she really liked him and wanted to take the chance.

“Last week his ex reached out to him and wanted to meet him one last time,” she said. But what’s weird is that her boyfriend already met up with his ex twice in the past prior to her dating him so they could resolve things.

This time, her boyfriend’s ex mentioned she would like to apologize while making sure “they end it on a right note,” whatever that means.

Her boyfriend has never given her a reason not to trust him and has even been upfront with her when his ex has texted him multiple times in the past, so when he did recently insist on not having any kind of feelings for his ex, she figured he was being honest.

“I made it clear to him that I am not comfortable with him meeting her alone,” she continued. “At this, he said he will not be alone.”

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