Her Daughter’s Pet Rat Needed To Have A Tumor Removed From His Stomach And She’s Raising Money To Pay For The Surgery That Saved His Life

Louisville, Kentucky. Merlin is an adorable pet rat living in Lousiville with Kelli Huberman and her daughter Zoe.

Merlin is Zoe’s best friend and sidekick. He’s gentle, he’s sweet, and he has helped Zoe any time she happens to have a bad day.

“Whenever she’s injured, Merlin will inspect that injury like a doctor,” Kelli wrote. “When she’s lonely, Merlin will snuggle with her.”

“My daughter knows how to make Merlin happy, too. She knows that Merlin loves to be tickled, snuggled and that he is a sucker for warm blankets.”

“So you can imagine the grief we experienced when we learned that Merlin required surgery to remove a growth.”

“Although I’m working, I also have medical issues, and the money is stretched. The timing is horrible, but we have to save Merlin.”

Kelli and Zoe always do everything they can to give Merlin a great life; he has a great cage, and he is allowed to stretch his legs outside of his cage.

Kelli and Zoe also feed Merling fresh veggies and fruits, though Merlin loves dried green beans as a snack.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Merlin

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