Her Daughter’s Pet Rat Needed To Have A Tumor Removed From His Stomach And She’s Raising Money To Pay For The Surgery That Saved His Life

Zoe said that “Merlin is a kind sweet loving boy, he loves snuggles and hiding in blankets, he’s always there to make me smile and laugh. Seeing him in this state makes me very sad for him I want to give him a strong healthy chance at life.”

After Kelli and Zoe noticed a mass on Merlin’s stomach, they brought him to a local veterinarian who recommended that Merlin have the mass removed in order to save his life.

Kelli was quoted between $500 to $900 for the surgery, and Kelli’s friend let her borrow half of that amount to use as a down payment.

Yesterday, Merlin underwent his life-saving surgery, and sadly, they learned that the mass in Merlin’s stomach was cancerous.

Merlin is going to undergo some more tests so that they can determine the best course of action for him.

If you would like to donate to help with Merlin’s medical bills, you can do that here.

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