Her Friend Is Staying With Her For A Month And Just Lied To Her About Wetting The Bed That They Both Are Sleeping In

“She made the bed without cleaning it! I called her and asked her point-blank if there’s something she’d like to tell me.”

“She asked what I meant, and I told her the bed feels damp. She’s like “Are you saying that I peed on your bed?” I told her that’s not what I’m saying and she dismissed me saying that it was coffee or alcohol.”

“I was being gaslit! I bowed down to smell again and yup, it was pee. I put the sheets, the duvet cover in the washing machine.”

Several hours after that call with her friend, her friend admitted to what she did, and she apologized for wetting the bed.

It wasn’t the fact that her friend wet the bed that really bothered her; it was the fact that her friend had outright lied about it.

That lie in turn made her think about all of the awful things her friend has actually done to her over the years.

“It brought back past memories when she slept with my friends behind my back and told me negative things about them,” she said.

“She openly mocks my friends and tells me why am I friends with them while conveniently hiding the fact that she slept with them.”

Anyway, circling back to the issue of her bed, her friend did come back to clean up. Her friend took her mattress protector and duvet to a local dry cleaner, then purchased a new mattress protector and duvet.

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“But I can’t get myself to forgive her – not for the peeing, but for the lie,” she continued.

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