His Girlfriend Accused Him Of Being Selfish For Not Wanting To Buy Her A Six Figure Car And He’s Asking The Internet If There’s Anything Wrong With This

His girlfriend accused him of being selfish and cheap because the car he purchased from himself cost more than the BMW he bought for her.

She then tried to spin this further and say there’s no way he loves her.

Meanwhile, he also has spent a lot of money on buying her designer shoes and clothes, and she previously seemed to appreciate the money he continuously spends on her.

He’s left wondering if it’s somehow wrong of him for wanting to spend the money he works hard for exactly how he wants to.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“She’s displaying gloriously apple red flags that you should be paying attention to. The entitlement and financial irresponsibility on display here burns.”

“This is who she is. She’s showing you. Better listen or you are going to regret it down the road.”


“In what world is it ok to spend 1 years worth of salary for a present to someone who isn’t even your fiancée?”

“You say you two love each other then I think a good test of that love is to see her reaction to you not giving it to her.”


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