Last Night, His Girlfriend Cheated On Him While At Her Company Christmas Party

A 22-year-old man has been dating his 20-year-old girlfriend as of September 2017. Originally, they met back in high school and they began casually seeing one another before getting more serious.

Last April, his girlfriend decided to pick up and move to Hawaii with one of her very best friends, since that was a dream she had always had.

He was less than thrilled with his girlfriend making that move, especially since she had zero plan and he didn’t want to move away from his family and go too.

He and his girlfriend decided to have a long-distance relationship while she was out in Hawaii and he remained in their hometown.

Last October, he flew to Hawaii to see her, and the following month, he broke up with her because the whole long-distance thing was just too much.

His girlfriend then picked up and headed to Florida to spend time with her family before her grandpa passed, and they both wound up single.

They did date around a bit, but then something made him get back together with her.

“About 3 months ago she was posting a lot of TikToks on her Snapchat story about wanting to move back/ getting together with an ex, which was obviously directed at me,” he explained.

“I responded to her after a while that if she wanted to move back and make it work I’d be willing to try as well.”

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