Last Night, His Girlfriend Cheated On Him While At Her Company Christmas Party

“Since then we’d been talking every day on Snapchat and literally counting the days until she moves back.”

Yesterday night, his girlfriend attended her company Christmas party, which he admits he was worried for her to go to in the first place.

“I knew one of the guys she’d slept with before we started talking again was a coworker, and I was worried about there being any tension between them or her getting too drunk or drugged or something,” he said.

“I messaged her throughout the night and didn’t get many responses (which in itself is fine, she was at a party after all), just that she was sleeping at the place the party was at and that she had been “talking with friends and making a plan” (still don’t know what she meant by that).”

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“She messaged me goodnight and talk to you tomorrow, and didn’t say I love you (which we usually do every night).”

The following morning, he tried to text her on the earlier side, and she assured him she would give him a call when she was done with work for the day.

He pressed her to see if anything went down at the Christmas party, and his girlfriend said that she kissed another guy she worked with.

She also basically alluded to the fact that if it wasn’t her time of month she would have slept with the guy.

“She says she’s been feeling under-appreciated in the relationship and that this random…guy made her feel more important and beautiful than I ever did in our 4 YEARS TOGETHER,” he continued.

“I told her I feel that way about her but that it’s a lot harder to convey that over Snapchat than it is in person.”

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