Mom Shoots Her Front Door, Then Leaves Her Baby Home Alone While She Spends All Night At A Bar And After She Was Arrested She Smiled In Her Mugshot

Port Charlotte, Florida. On Thanksgiving evening, 37-year-old Victoria Hidalgo pulled out a gun, shot her front door, then proceeded to leave her baby home all alone while she spent the rest of the night out at a bar with a guy.

Later that night, Victoria called up a woman that she knew and the woman was so upset by how Victoria sounded over the phone, that she went to check on her at home.

According to the woman, Victoria sounded drunk and revealed to her that she shot a gun in her house.

After arriving at Victoria’s house in Port Charlotte, the woman called the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office because she found a bullet in the front door of Victoria’s house.

Deputies with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office rushed to Victoria’s house, where the woman let them inside.

Deputies entered Victoria’s home and found that she had left her baby home all alone in a crib.

Nobody else was at home, and since they couldn’t find Victoria, her baby was given to a family member to take care of while authorities launched an investigation.

Throughout the course of the investigation, Victoria’s car was stopped by Tamiami Trail and Port Charlotte Blvd, and a man was behind the wheel.

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is Victoria in her mugshot

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