Mom Shoots Her Front Door, Then Leaves Her Baby Home Alone While She Spends All Night At A Bar And After She Was Arrested She Smiled In Her Mugshot

“Victoria was in the front passenger seat of the vehicle with a male, identified as Robert Sampson (9/2/1972), driving,” the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office explained in a statement.

“Victoria’s eyes were bloodshot and watery, her breath smelled of alcohol, and her speech was slurred while being questioned.”

“Robert advised that he had just met Victoria at the Paddy Wagon Irish Pub. Robert stated that he did not know Victoria, but was concerned that she was going to drive in a very intoxicated condition and was helping her get home safe.”

“He did not have any knowledge of the situation at the home.”

Victoria was arrested and then charged with child neglect without great bodily harm. She smiled in her mugshot that she took at the Charlotte County Jail, and then she was released on bond that was set at $3,500.

“There is no excuse for an infant to be left in a home alone, nor is there a good explanation for the discharge of the firearm,” Sheriff Bill Prummell said after the incident.

“It is clear that this woman’s priorities are way out of order, and I hope this experience serves as a wake-up call for her. I pray that things change and the child is properly cared for moving forward.”

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