She Broke Up With A Guy She Met Online Because He Wasn’t Up Front With Her About Being Wealthy

A 23-year-old woman met a wonderful 27-year-old man on Tinder about a month and a half ago.

She thought he was super cute, and they really got along so well when they started texting that they decided to meet up with each other in real life after only chatting for an hour.

She met him for a drink, and she instantly found so many things about him that really seemed to make him a great match for her.

“I liked everything about him, he was sweet, kind, unassuming, very funny, very good job, very well dressed, etc,” she explained.

He was extremely shy and reserved, but that didn’t bother her one bit.

“We kept seeing each other and I really, really started to fall for him hard. Like really hard. Then after a month he told me he had something to tell me,” she said.

“I was like great, here comes the revelation that he’s really married and he was getting divorced but now he and the wife are going to work it out for their six kids so thanks and bye!”

She was completely expecting him to tell her something that would make her heart sink, but things didn’t go the way she thought.

Her date asked her if she had heard of a specific family, and she had because the name he mentioned is a very famous family who is extremely wealthy for being in the alcohol distribution industry.

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