She Found Out That Her Boyfriend Has Been Texting His Ex So Now She’s Spending Christmas Eve Crying

A 26-year-old woman has been dating her 29-year-old boyfriend for approximately 2 years, and the major problem in their relationship is her boyfriend’s ex.

Her boyfriend was with his ex for one year before they broke up and she began dating him.

Her boyfriend was friends with his ex for quite a while previous to dating her, and they went back to being friends after the breakup, which makes her anxious.

“According to him he broke up with her because he just never felt strongly enough about her past friendship,” she explained.

“In the past I have seen her name come up on his phone multiple times but the communication truly did seem one-sided with her being the one who was reaching out and him only answering sometimes.”

Well, yesterday evening she was at her boyfriend’s house to sleep over, and as her boyfriend was asleep, she could see that his ex texted him.

She read the message on her boyfriend’s phone, and it genuinely seemed to her like her boyfriend’s ex was flirting with him.

“I honestly kind of panicked and I woke him up and asked him what it was about and he automatically got defensive,” she explained.

“This caused me to panic more and I asked him multiple times to show me the messages and he refused and kept repeating that he needed to go back to sleep.”

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