She Invited Her Brother’s Former Fling To Thanksgiving And She’s Telling The Internet Her Brother’s Girlfriend Got Offended

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“You comment how it’s creepy that your brother thinks you haven’t given Sarah a chance because of Anya but that’s exactly how it seems.”

“In your eyes, she’s the one that got away from your brother? What the hell? You need to stop meddling in your brother’s love life.”

“It’s his decision who he dates. Technically you can invite whoever you like to your house but you did it with an agenda…”


“Your brother tells you that this Anya has tried to break up him and his GF of 3 years. And you invite her to a family affair?”

“Imagine how that must make Sarah feel. Imagine how it makes her feel that you are constantly wishing that your brother and Anya were together.”

“Your actions in this seem very creepy. Your husband and father are correct in this.”


“You are completely inconsiderate of your brother and his relationship and you trying to push something that does not exist.”

“You and your mother are the toxic ones acting like brats because you refuse to accept that your brother is his own person with his own life.”

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