She Posted Her Engagement Ring On TikTok And Received Loads Of Hate– Spurring A Conversation About Sharing Charity Work Online And When To Keep Your Opinions To Yourself

New York, New York. The TikToker @HannahStella posted a video to the platform where she proudly showed off her engagement ring. It is a beautiful emerald cut, solitaire, natural diamond.

“I got it from Kwiat in New York City,” Stella said in the video, “They make all their settings by hand.”

Stella went on to explain her opinion that “a prefab setting does not have the same elegance as one that a bench jeweler custom makes for the stone.”

“So, it won’t be a lot more expensive to get a handmade setting, and I think it will make a big difference in the look of your ring,” Stella finished.

This initial video garnered ninety thousand views and just over five thousand likes on the platform. But, a hate comment spurred Stella to make a follow-up video on the platform.

“I can’t get over how dumb it is that you bought a ring from Kwiat Diamonds, paying retail margins when you live in New York City and have access to the Diamond District,” the comment said.

TikTok; pictured above is Hannah Stella in her video

Stella started her response video by saying, “Good morning Gabby, I love your passion, but I hate your attitude and the assumptions you’re making.” She then goes on to back up Kwiat as a viable engagement ring option.

“First of all, Kwiat provides a premium experience, great service, and all of their settings are handmade– which I see value in. And if I see value in that, then it is my right to spend my money however I wish,” Stella said.

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