She Waited Until The Day Before Her Friend’s Wedding To Let Her Friend Know Her Fiancé Cheated On Her

Her hesitation with this though was that Lisa and Mike were so blissful together, she knew she would be the one to ruin that if she spilled Mike’s secret.

The other thing that bothered her was the fact that she felt she could not call Lisa and tell all of this on the phone; she needed to tell her in person.

However, she lives 4 hours away so it wasn’t easy for her to make the trip to see Lisa.

“I came back to our hometown about a week before the wedding, which was this past Saturday, and it began really stressing me out,” she explained.

“On Friday evening, when I’d had a bit to drink, I pulled her aside and told her. She was devastated but went through with marrying him anyway.”

“She’s cut me off saying a true friend would’ve told her earlier, told all of our friends to cut me off.”

“Mike has probably told her it isn’t true which isn’t helping. Luke has told me I was an a****** for the way I went about it.”

She’s worried that perhaps she should not have waited until the day before Lisa was set to get married to tell her this.

How would you feel?

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