She Was Found Brutally Murdered In Her Boyfriend’s Own Bed And After 14 Years Nobody Knows Who Did This To Her

Winnsboro, Texas. 19-year-old Brittany McGlone graduated from Winnsboro High School in 2006.

Brittany’s loved ones say that she was just an amazing person who went out of her way to do nice things for other people.

She was a sweetheart, she was an outstanding friend, and she was close to her siblings.

After her graduation, Brittany began working two jobs and decided to take a year off before she headed to college.

One of her jobs was working for Lowe’s in a distribution center, and the other job she held was with a company called Alco.

When working overnight shifts at Lowe’s, Brittany always texted her mom Patricia every single night to make sure that she was alright.

Brittany’s real dream though was getting to become a nurse one day, but she sadly never got to fulfill that dream or any of the ones that she had.

On May 4th, 2007, Brittany was found brutally murdered in her boyfriend’s own bed, and after 14 years, nobody knows who did this to her.

Facebook; pictured above is Brittany

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