She Was Found Shot Dead Outside Of Her Car Along The Highway And Two Teens Were Just Arrested For Her Murder

Kiley’s older brother Logan took to Facebook to share a heartbreaking tribute to his little sister.

“We were born 7 years apart, but we should’ve been twins,” Logan wrote. “We shared the same sense of humor. We both struggled with similar things. We looked like twins. I remember holding you as an infant the first time. I remember teaching you how to fight and play fighting with you. Every time we hung out we were like best friends.”

Logan’s dog loved Kiley too, and Kiley would always play ball with his dog and run through their grandma’s house with him.

Logan went on to say that he wished that he could have done something to protect Kiley from what happened to her.

“You were like my child and my sister. I raised you,” Logan continued. “I feel a pit in my stomach that I don’t think can go away. I can’t rest, I’m restless. It isn’t about me though it’s about you.”

“I’m praying for the rest of our family. This is a loss for all of us, but we have to celebrate your short 18 years.”

“All I can do right now is cry, and feel weak, and sick. It seems unreal. Nothing can prepare you for this. Christmas will not feel the same without you.”

If you have any information related to Kiley’s murder, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is asking that you call them at 636.583.2560, ext. 1117.

Facebook; pictured above is a statement from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

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