She’s Hoping To Be Able To Help Her Foster Daughter’s Mom Afford To Buy Her Children Christmas Presents This Year

Springfield Township, Michigan. Andrea Donajkowski is a foster mom living in Springfield Township, and one of the children that she previously fostered was a little girl who is now a little under 3-years-old.

Her foster daughter has a brother who is 6-years-old, and when Andrea was fostering this little girl her brother also happened to be in foster care too, though he was placed with another family.

“Our daughter was with us from birth for 1.5 years and her brother was in foster care for 5 years,” Andrea wrote on a GoFundMe page.

“Even though our daughter is not with us all the time anymore, she will always be our little girl! We still see her often and she visits us every other weekend.”

Although Andrea’s foster daughter is back in the care of her biological mom, Andrea still does everything that she can to help and support her foster daughter’s mom.

Andrea’s foster daughter has been with her biological mom for around a year, and Andrea acknowledged that the biological mom of her foster daughter really does have a tough time making things work.

“She has a job and works 6 days a week,” Andrea continued. “She has really turned her life around and put in a lot of effort to better her life for herself and her kids!”

“This family could use your help this Christmas! There isn’t a lot of joy for them in their daily lives. They live in a tiny two-bedroom apartment in Detroit.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Andrea’s foster daughter

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