She’s Hoping To Be Able To Help Her Foster Daughter’s Mom Afford To Buy Her Children Christmas Presents This Year

“The children can’t play outside due to there being no place to play and safety concerns. The kids don’t get new toys or clothes very often.”

Andrea is currently trying to raise enough money to make sure that her foster daughter and her foster daughter’s brother have an exciting Christmas this year.

Andrea noted in a Facebook post that her foster daughter’s biological mom wasn’t able to afford to buy her children Christmas presents at all last year, and Toys-For-Tots helped her out by giving each child one toy.

Andrea really wants to be able to do more for these children this year, which is why she started her GoFundMe.

Andrea mentioned that her foster daughter and her foster daughter’s brother are not only in need of a little help to have a wonderful Christmas this year; they also need help with getting food, diapers, bedding, beds, socks, and underwear.

If you would like to help Andrea with giving these two children a Christmas they can really remember, you can do that here.

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