The Guy She’s Hooking Up With Has A Pregnant Girlfriend And She Ended Up Catching Feelings For Him

A 20-year-old young woman met a 27-year-old man in one of her college classes, and she pretty much instantly hit it off with this guy.

She recently got out of a relationship that lasted 4 years, and she got right into a friends with benefits type of arrangement with this guy from her class.

She’s never done anything like this in her life, and she had no idea what to really expect from the relationship, but as she looks back on everything now she has a lot to regret.

“My mistake was getting into this knowing he had a PREGNANT girlfriend (I know I’m horrible for this please don’t trash me) but I liked his presence so much I continued on anyway,” she explained.

She now knows it was wrong, and she would feel crushed if she was the pregnant girlfriend, but when she started up this whole friends with benefits thing with this guy, she simply cared about only herself and her own wants.

She’s not trying to excuse her behavior by revealing this but she is trying to let everyone know where she was coming from.

“The problem is sometimes, a lot of times he acted like he had real feelings for me,” she said. “We talk pretty much every day, he vents to me and vice versa and I don’t know much about FWB but I’m pretty sure they don’t do all of that.”

“The most recent incident is what really threw me for a loop, we were talking on the phone and he was telling me how much he missed me, how excited he was to see me, that I’m an amazing person and even in a certain scenario told me he “loved me so much.”

“So my stupid self is on the other line freaking out because I thought he actually felt the same way as me.”

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