While She Was On Vacation, Her Mom’s Boyfriend Sold Her Dog On Craigslist And Pretended He Ran Away

A 20-year-old woman wound up moving out of her mom’s house back when she was just 16.

She and her mom get along ok, but she always felt her mom tried to be more like her friend than her mom.

6 months ago, her mom get a new boyfriend named Greg, and he moved in with her mom pretty quickly.

“I didn’t really like him (he’s very arrogant, and was a registered SO), but I was kind to him, so there was no reason for this to happen,” she explained.

As for what exactly happened? Well, she and her boyfriend went away on vacation and her mom had agreed to watch their 1-year-old male mini poodle Benji.

4 days into their vacation, her mom calls her to say Benji escaped from the backyard while she was working but Greg was at home.

She was so upset to hear this and told her mom that she would get home early, but her mom said it would be ok and she would find him because Greg said he had only been missing for an hour.

While she waited, she called every single shelter in her city and the surrounding ones, and nobody had Benji.

When she got home from her trip, there still was no word on her missing dog. After 2 weeks, she got a call from a vet’s office that was located 3 hours away from her.

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