He Just Discovered That His Girlfriend Had Plastic Surgery And He Liked Her Face More Before She Got Work Done

A 25-year-old man is currently dating a 27-year-old woman, and they have been in a relationship now for 5 months.

They both really do like one another, and he thinks their relationship is progressing quite well and without any bumps in the road.

Several weeks ago while his girlfriend was in the shower, he saw on her computer that her screensaver is a bunch of photos that change out every few minutes.

He was looking at the photos on her screensaver and thought it was nice to see all of these photos of her.

“But how surprised I was when I saw a selfie with her best friend, on which she has a big band-aid on her nose, the same one as when people have rhinoplasty,” he explained.

“I was quite intrigued and in shock. Later that day, I went to check on her social media profiles to see If I found pictures of her with her “old” face but she only had pictures of her as a child or as a young adult, quite a gap as a teenager I couldn’t find.”

He continued to dig around online until he did uncover some photos of his girlfriend back when she was probably 20-years-old or so.

“…I was shocked to see that she had her nose done, and I think also some chin implants or injections IDK (not sure about that but highly suspect it),” he said.

He’s pretty positive she did have plastic surgery done to her face, and it makes him feel quite let down that she never let him know that she had work done.

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