Her Ex Sent Screenshots Of Their Dirty Texts And Photos Of Her In Lingerie To Everyone She Knows, Including Her Current Boyfriend And The College She’s About To Attend

A young woman ended things with her ex some time ago now, and when they did break up, they ended everything on good terms.

The reason they broke up is that she learned that her ex had been cheating on her, and she did the most grown-up thing she could think of; she told him she wished him all of the best but she was done.

As soon as she told her ex that she was walking away from him, he tried to convince her to “work things out” with him.

She made it clear to her ex that there was no way she could look past his cheating ways, so she wasn’t interested in trying to stick together.

She thought he took that all well, and he didn’t appear to be upset with her at all when it ended.

This all happened last year, and she began seeing another guy. Everything with her current boyfriend is going great, and she’s happy with their relationship.

A week ago, her ex reached out to her to ask how she is and just chat with her about her life.

“We ended things on okay terms so I didn’t think it was weird,” she explained. “He told me about his new job and asked me, I told him I was going to apply for grad school at a specific university and hope I get in.”

“He was being nice and we had a nice convo and that was it.”

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