She Went Through Her Boyfriend’s Phone And Discovered That He Was Talking To Other Women: He Even Told His Ex He Wanted To Rip A Dress Off Of Her

A 24-year-old woman has been seeing her 37-year-old boyfriend for the last several months, and she knows their relationship recently has not been good at all.

Things were so bad she decided to break up with her boyfriend, though 2 weeks later they reconciled.

Post-breakup, everything got a lot better. Her boyfriend was in a better mood and acting the way he had when they first started dating.

He was also being very attentive to her and he also made plans for them to go out and such every single day, so he was really showing what seemed like an initiative to do things differently.

Although their relationship seemed to be looking up, something was telling her that things were not quite right with her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend continuously took his phone to the bathroom to use, and it never occurred to her that maybe he was doing something secretive until now.

She thought she should take a peek at what he was doing on his phone without him knowing, so when he was showering the other morning, she did just that.

First, she took a look at his Whatsapp conversations and she could see that her boyfriend had been talking to his ex just a few days ago.

“He was texting her and offering her to join him on his upcoming trip abroad and then she had sent him her picture in some hot dress and he was like ‘I’d gladly rip that off you” and so on,” she explained.

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