His Boyfriend Expects Him To Divorce His Best Friend And Take Her Off His Health Insurance So He’s Asking The Internet Which One Of Them Is Being Unreasonable Here

A 37-year-old man got married to his 36-year-old best friend back when she was 20 and he was 21.

Now, they got married simply for convenience, since his best friend has a ton of health issues and cannot work.

Since they got married, his best friend has been able to be on be on his health insurance.

“…I wanted to help her and ensure she got all the help she needed, I am gay and she has had various long-term boyfriends so there was never a question of anything romantic between us, we don’t even live together,” he explained.

For the last 3 years, he has been dating his 36-year-old boyfriend, who happens to live with him as well.

Recently, his boyfriend has been saying that he needs to divorce his best friend, which he finds confusing since his boyfriend has absolutely no interest in getting married.

If his boyfriend wanted him to get a divorce so they could have a wedding, he would be understanding, but that’s not where his boyfriend is coming from at all.

His boyfriend considers his marriage to his best friend strange and his boyfriend decided that he feels uneasy about it, so that’s the reasoning behind his boyfriend wanting him to get divorced.

“I’ve made it very clear that I’m not going to divorce her and put her off my health insurance as she needs that and I’m not going to have my best friend fend for herself on the hellscape which is the American Healthcare System when she’s unable to work,” he said.

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