She Sided With The Homewrecking Girl Who Nearly Broke Up Her Sister’s Marriage Instead Of Her Sister And She’s Asking The Internet If She Was Too Cruel

A woman has a sister named Annie who is in her 30s, and Annie recently developed one unhealthy obsession over a woman in her 20s named Jane.

Two years ago, Annie’s husband cheated on her with Jane, and ever since then, Annie has become obsessed with her.

Unfortunately, Annie’s husband has cheated on her with far more women than just Jane.

“Jane’s not the first or the last,” she explained. “She was one of the decent ones. Didn’t realize he was married, broke it off when she found out and sent the proof of his cheating to his wife.”

Although Jane sent Annie all of the evidence, Annie’s husband convinced her that Jane was just trying to destroy their marriage and Annie bought that.

“Anyway, Annie’s been stalking Jane’s socials,” she said. “Any time Jane posts about something bad happening, Annie calls me up to gloat.”

“Any time she posts about anything good that happens, Annie starts crying about how it’s not fair. In the last few months, Jane apparently got a high-paying new job, got engaged, and is pregnant.”

“Annie had a full-on meltdown over it.”

Annie has become so fixated on Jane, that Jane is the only topic she wants to chat about. Annie will call her up two times every week at a minimum to complain about Jane, and Annie also texts her several times a day about Jane.

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