This NYC Apartment Went Viral For Having A Shower In The Living Room

One user even said, “Next time, they will put a toilet right next to the stove.” While many people just laughed along with the user, Claudia made a video response to their remark.

“It actually exists,” Claudia captioned her follow-up video. This time, the post showed an ordinary-looking kitchen countertop with two swinging cabinets.

But, Claudia revealed that the countertop is removable, and the cabinets swing open to reveal a toilet!

TikTok; pictured above is the toilet in the kitchen

Imagine having company over– you would have to avoid going to the “bathroom” at all costs! Plus, the germs and cross-contamination within your own kitchen is revolting.

How this layout is even allowed in New York City was beyond both Claudia and the TikTok community alike.

“Looks like a fever dream,” wrote one user.

“This is why I don’t eat at the office potlucks,” joked another.

If there is one significant takeaway from both of these videos, it is to physically tour any apartment before you put down a deposit!

With mobile real estate apps, it might be tempting to secure a “good deal” before it gets snatched up.

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