This New Study Aimed To Uncover How An Elite Group Of HIV Patients Are Biologically “Curing” Themselves Of The Virus

According to the CDC, nearly 1.1 million people have HIV in the United States alone. And, around the world, over 32 million people have passed away from AIDS-related illnesses.

While HIV has been historically difficult to treat, there is a new population of people that scientists are dubbing “elite controllers.”

These people, who have been diagnosed with HIV, are actually able to fight off the virus without the use of any antiretroviral medicines.

HIV, also known as the human immunodeficiency virus, attacks the immune system. Two to four weeks after infection, people may experience symptoms such as fever, night sweats, muscle aches, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, and more.

And, after exposure to the virus, there are three stages of infection– acute HIV infection, chronic HIV infection, and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (also known as AIDS).

Despite HIV affecting millions of people across the globe, there is still no official cure.

But, scientists have identified a special group of people whose unique biological makeup is doing what was previously thought to be impossible– curing themselves of HIV.

While most HIV patients must take antiretroviral drugs for the rest of their life, this unbelievable group of people can single-handedly keep the virus in check for extended periods of time without any medication.

Two female patients were first spotlighted in the media for their amazing ability to eradicate HIV. They were credited using code names– one was known as “the San Francisco Patient,” and the other went by “the Esperanza Patient.”

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