These Two Abandoned Chihuahuas Were Saved From The Cold By A Couple Out Walking Their Own Dog And Now They’re Looking For A Loving Home

Fort Mill, South Carolina. It was January 14th, a Friday, when Amanda and Chris Bateman took their dog for a walk in their neighborhood during the day.

As Amanda and Chris were strolling around with their mini poodle, they noticed two Chihuahuas in the neighborhood known as Sheffield Point.

The dogs had been abandoned outside in the cold, and they were hungry and filthy.

Amanda and Chris quickly brought the abandoned dogs home with them and did their best to get them cleaned up before calling York County Animal Control.

The couple then brought the dogs to Banfield Pet Hospital, where a vet told them that they figured the dogs were outside for several weeks at least, and they appeared to have come from a puppy mill.

The short hair Chihuahua, a girl, was only 3.3 pounds, and the long-haired Chihuahua, a boy, was 4 pounds.

The vet that saw the Chihuahuas was very concerned that the boy would pass away due to his severe dehydration but he pulled through.

“On Friday, January 14, we took to Facebook to attempt to locate the owner of these two babies,” Amanda wrote on a GoFundMe page.

GoFundMe; pictured above are the dogs

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