Her Maid Of Honor Wants To Bring Her Boyfriend And This Guy’s Wife As Her Plus Ones

Additionally, her family and her groom-to-be’s family have all been brought up a certain way and they will not be understanding of her maid of honor’s unique situation with her personal life.

“I don’t really want to deal with my family talking…about my best friend to me or her, or causing problems (which they have and will do) at my wedding, because they don’t understand or “approve of” that kind of relationship,” she continued.

She has not yet accepted or declined her maid of honor’s request to bring two guests to her wedding, but she has to make a decision super fast.

Although her wedding is happening in another 5 months, her wedding venue needs a final headcount ASAP.

Should she let her maid of honor bring her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s wife to the wedding, or is it ok to say no?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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