Her Heartbreaking TikTok Video Illuminates How Hurtful Words Can Really Be For Kids

TikTok creator Elyse Myers made a very powerful video about how certain hurtful comments can stay with someone all their life.

Elyse starts her video by explaining that she was fairly “round” as a kid.

“That would’ve been one way to describe me,” she says. Elyse then lists more positive ways to describe her during that time, mentioning that she was smart, talented, determined, witty, etc.

“So many ways to describe me,” she explains. “But the one thing that people loved to latch onto was the size of my body.”

“I was made aware of the size of my body long before I was ever taught how to love it.”

Elyse mentions how she is baffled by the long list of grown adults who commented on her body and appearance when she was only a kid.

She clearly recalls a time when a male substitute teacher said something that still affects her to this day.

Elyse was talking with her friends in class about how she wanted to be a cheerleader. The substitute interrupted her in front of everyone and suggested that she try out for something else.

TikTok; pictured above is Elyse

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