This Airbnb Host Pointed Out On TikTok That He’s Sick Of Receiving After-Prom Booking Requests

With prom season just around the corner, hoards of high schoolers everywhere are scrambling to find an “after-prom” party location.

“After-prom” is simply the party that follows the formal prom celebration. Unlike the school-hosted prom event, though, the after-party is often much rowdier.

Some gracious parents allow their children to host the famous after-party at their homes. But, the rise of Airbnb has prompted many teenagers to seek out private rentals for their special night.

One Airbnb host named Bailey Kramer has been receiving tons of prom party requests for his rental property and is utterly sick of it. He took to TikTok to share his thoughts.

“If I get one more high schooler requesting my Airbnb for their after-prom party, I am going to lose my mind,” Bailey began.

“It’s actually kind of funny because I have gotten like ten different kids from the same school all requesting my property. Maybe I will just make it a bidding war,” Bailey joked.

Jokes aside, he refuses to host any kind of prom event.

“I will host bachelor parties, family gatherings, weddings; I don’t care! As long as it is not an after-prom party! Thank you for listening to my rant,” Bailey said.

TikTok; pictured above is Bailey

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