Her Crazy Ex Said She Can Only Have Her Cat Back If She Signs A Contract Saying She’ll Date Him For 3 More Months

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A 20-year-old woman was in a relationship with her 20-year-old boyfriend for the last 3 years. After spending 2 years with him, they both decided to adopt a cat to celebrate her birthday.

Although this was supposed to be a cat that they shared ownership of, her boyfriend was the only person who signed the adoption agreement.

“He wouldn’t let me pay for her and signed the adoption contract himself,” she explained. “I stupidly didn’t know that we wouldn’t have shared ownership, he said we would. She’s my best friend and I have nothing without her.”

Pretty recently, she learned that her boyfriend was not faithful to her at all throughout their 3-year relationship.

Although he never got physical with other girls, he was paying women for photos and videos. She didn’t instantly leave him over this; she stayed in the relationship and tried her best to help him, but he continuously refused her help.

Add that to the fact that he was treating her terribly and she decided enough was enough. She left him, and he’s now her ex.

Unfortunately, she ended up losing her home when she left him since they lived together, but she was able to move in with her family.

She did take her cat when she left her ex since this cat is supposed to be hers and they previously agreed that she would get the cat if they split up.

“Now he has said the only way he will transfer ownership is if I sign a contract saying I will date him for 3 months and give him another honest shot,” she said.

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