Her Best Friend Got Divorced For The Third Time So She Threw Her A Party To Celebrate And Was Disappointed That Her Best Friend Brought Along The Creepy New Guy She Jumped Into A Relationship With

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A woman and her best friend, Brittany, have been through a lot together. She watched Brittany go through three painful divorces, and her most recent ex-husband, a thirty-one-year-old named Allen, was very controlling.

In fact, Allen preferred to be the dominant force in the relationship and viewed Brittany as beneath him.

“He would give out orders anywhere they were at, and she would have to follow them,” she explained. “For instance, he would purposely drop something on the floor then tell her she had to pick it up.”

Once their marriage finally ended, Brittany pledged to never engage in a similar relationship; she said that lifestyle simply was not for her.

And, being Brittany’s good friend, she wanted to help her celebrate leaving the toxic situation. So, she spent months planning an entire divorce party that was supposed to be a night for the girls.

But, a few days before the party, she learned that Brittany had begun dating again. Brittany met a new thirty-nine-year-old man named Chester online, and after only knowing him for a week and a half, they appeared inseparable.

“She already wants to spend every minute with him, and he has been staying at her house since their first date,” she said.

This immediately set off alarm bells in her mind. Then, Brittany revealed they have also been engaging in the same lifestyle her ex-husband was into.

Apparently, Brittany believes that the power dynamic can work if it is “done correctly.” Still, she is not sure she should trust Chester so soon after meeting him.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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